Best Sander For Exterior Paint Removal: In-Depth Reviews

Do you want to sand the old paint off a piece of furniture? Are you looking for a way to get kitchen cabinets ready to paint? The best sander for exterior paint removal makes the tedious job of sanding more convenient and more effective than merely scrubbing away with a piece of sandpaper.

When uneven pressure is projected to the workpiece with manual sanding, the surface may end up with scratch marks. On the other hand, electric sanders are the way to go in a myriad of home projects. Though there is no universal electric sander that will suit all your demands, we have found our winner DEWALT Random Orbit Sander, for the best results for precision in your work. Check out our other recommendations for fulfilling your variety of needs.

7 Best Sander for Removing Paint from Wood Reviews

You will find exterior paint removal kits in the market, which will make you confused. So, we had a real rush hour to analyze the market for picking the best sander for exterior paint removal.

01. DEWALT Random Orbit Sander

POWER AND CAPACITY: DEWALT Random Orbit Sander is a powerful and user-friendly system and known as one of the Best Sander for exterior paint removal. It presents a smooth surface. In this product, the main source of power is electricity. Besides, it executes a random orbital action.

COMPONENTS: This advanced electrical set includes Sander (DWE6423), a dust bag, a carrying bag, and a dust-sealed switch as well.

Sandpapers & Grit Type: This random orbital sander kit has a hook and loop pad that provides an excellent surface with no swirl marks. Its grit type is coarse.

Dust Collection System: It has a dust collector with a one-handed locking dust bag. The improved dust-sealed switch ensures longer switch life.


  • 5-inch orbit sander.
  • Variable speed control from (8000-12000)OPM
  • The powerful motor of 3Amp.
  • The dimension is(10.38X7.25X6.2) inches.
  • Weighs 4 pounds.
  • The material is stainless steel.
  • Replaceable hook and loop sanding pad for quick and easy paper changing.
  • Has a separate counterweight that reduces vibration.
  • A strong rubber grip provides comfortable sanding.
  • It has an attached hoses (1-1/4) inches used as a vacuum system connector.
  • The dust part is specially designed to fit directly to the dust collectors.
  • 3 years limited warranty for the product.
  • Long-time flawless performance.
  • As it has a short cord, it is troublesome to use in a big project.
  • May produce sound if screws are loose.


Talking about the product, it’s mainly best for DIYers consisting of a two-speed switch giving a smooth finishing to the arrogant surface and reducing hand fatigue. It’s easy to clean, transferable, and comes of excellent variable speed in need. It is also suitable and helpful in both home and workplace.

02. Black+ Decker Random Orbit Sander

Power and Capacity: It is mostly known as the best-selling product in the cheapest sander category for light sanding or irregular tasks and removing paint and varnish from wood and metal. It is a corded electric machine. It is good at the lowest price with the highest incredible performance.

Components: It has a BDERO100 sander, sanding sheet, dust sealed switch as well as a dust bag to keep the work area clean.

Sandpapers & Grit Type: The special feature, called Hook and Loop system, takes only a few seconds to change the sandpaper grits.

Dust Collection System: The dust collection bag keeps the work area clean from dust particles.


  • Dimensions – 7X5X6 inches.
  • Velcro system to hold the 5-inch disc in the respective place.
  • An easy and comfortable grip to handle.
  • Weighs 3.16 pounds.
  • 2 Amp motor with a fixed sanding speed of 12000 RPM
  • Made of plastic.
  • Hook and loop system.
  • Contains dust sealed switch.
  • The hook and loop system provides easy removal of this sander.
  • The sealed switch enables the long-lasting body of the sander.
  • No batteries are required.
  • 6.5-inch long cord helps the worker to get the work done easily.
  • It doesn’t come with a hose adapter or carrying case, which may sometimes be annoying for the working person.


As it is of a low price considering the others, it offers great work for a short task enabling a well-furnished surface. Thanks to the random orbit action for ensuring swirl-free finishing. It also performs a proficient and perfect job in a short time.

03. BOSCH ROS20VSC Palm Sander

Power and Capacity: It is mainly renowned for its exceptionally well and effective filtration system. This small sander’s micro filter system traps the dust particle as small as one-half micron diameter. It shows the dust level of the canister.

The combination of pad and orbit delivers an ultra-smooth surface. The power source of this machine is electricity.

Components: It includes a sanding pad, sanding disc, dampening ring, dust canister, carrying case, and a vacuum adapter.

Sandpapers & Grit Type: This is mainly designed to eliminate the swirl marks from the workpiece. It features a ‘Hook Tight’ hook and loop disc attachment that ensures a fine and smooth finishing on both surfaces.


  • It comes with a powerful 2.5Amp motor, which is plenty for DIY.
  • Weight is only 3.5 pounds.
  • Has an 8-foot long cord.
  • Sanding speed is between 7500-12000 OPM.
  • It has a dimension of (9X5X6) inches.
  • The power voltage is 120V.
  • The ergonomic design makes the DIY work easy quick.
  • A variable sanding pad enables easy paper change.
  • A vacuum hose adapter is there to adjust the hook to the device.
  • Soft grip assures not only comfortable touch but also helps to lessen the vibration of the sander.
  • A transparent body shows how much dust is there.
  • The long cord enables easy working.
  • The body gets heated up after 45 mins continuous use.


This well-blended, designed tool helps carpenters or workers complete a task without any swirls marks, even on concrete or metal. Furthermore, it is straightforward and easy to deal with multiple positions of the gripping system, making the job more easy and comfortable to do.

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04. Wagner Spray tech 0282180 Wagner 0513040 Paint Eater

Power and Capacity: Its high-performance spun fiber technology is one of the bests to make masonite, concrete and metal as flat as pancake, enabling a long-lasting new layer of paint. It presents an aggressive pressure on paint but is gentle on the surface without wasting time and energy. The main source of power is electricity.

Components: It consists of Velcro Strap, shroud, contour forming desk, silicon boot covered switch, retractable handle.

Sandpapers & Grit Type: It has a high removal action feature, flex, and disc system with embedded abrasive for precise finishing and removal of stubborn paint chips or feather edges.


  • Comfortable body design
  • 3.2 Amp powerful motor with 2600 RPM and 120 output voltage
  • Innovative disc system
  • Soft rubber-grip cover.
  • Weighs 3.8 pounds.
  • Material is plastic.
  • Hook and loop strap
  • A nicely furnished grip provides safe use with both hands.
  • Lightweight.
  • The velcro strap is here to lessen hand fatigue due to vibration.
  • It saves both time and energy.
  • No battery is required.
  • Not for professional use or large project.


This award-winning machine occupies a considerable part in the perfect sanding category. New users or seasonal experts can easily rely on this product as its Velcro Strap assures safety in working on a rooftop, ladder or when you need extra grip as well. Its compact-sized ingenious disc lets you work in tight spaces minimizing dust and damage. For the lightweight, it easily removes the rust and peeling paint from the cracked surface.

05. Makita 5inch Disc Sander fir Wood/metal polishing

Power and Capacity: Makita’s 5-Inch Disc Sander combines powerful and protective features that make it a more known kit in the paint removal industry and assures long-lasting professional performance. The primary source of power is the electrical cord.

Components: It includes a side handle, backing pad, abrasive disc, 80 grit, and hex wrench.

Sandpapers & Grit Type: Its improved structure called the ball and needle bearing construction provides a longer lifespan. Its versatile and powerful disc sander also assures smooth working.


  • 5-inch disc sander.
  • The dimension: (11.42X3.15X7.87) inches.
  • It is made of metal.
  • 4.2 Amp motor
  • Ball and needle structure.
  • It weighs 2.4 pounds.
  • Delivers 4500 RPM
  • Power voltage of 120V.
  • Soft grip handle.
  • Two adjustable handles offer easy work.
  • 4.2 Amp motor gives an efficient and smooth surface.
  • The double cord prevents electricity accumulation.
  • Innovative design easily removes the paint and rust as well.
  • Lightweight enables transferable jobs.
  • Ball and needle structure increases the lifespan of this tool.
  • No battery is needed.
  • May create swirl marks while polishing marble floors.

The reason why we like it:

This sander can be used all day long without interruption, enabling more compact and efficient engineers’ work. It can be used both in the home, office, and workplace. The combination of all new features makes it so special from different sanders and easier to new sanders.

06. Tack life 5-inch Random Orbit Sander

Power and Capacity: This portable electric sander is mostly known for its combination of many features, making Tack life usable in carpentry, polishing, woodworking, and paint removal as well. Its ergonomic design and rubberized handle grip maintain the overall control without experiencing hand fatigue. The power source of this tool is electricity.

Components: It includes 12 pieces of sandpapers, 6-speed gear, dust collection bag, self-cleaning function, and obviously manual as well.

Sandpapers & Grit Type: it has a feature of 5-inch Sanding discs, 12 pcs of sandpapers (6Pcs X 80) & (6Pcs x 180 Grits) that lasts the sander a long service life.

Dust Collection System: It has a re-usable dust collector that keeps the work area clean and free from dust particles.


  • 3Amp/350W motor.
  • 6 variable speed 13000 RPM electric sander with the lowest noise and less vibration.
  • Dimension: (10.1X6.6X4.9) inches.
  • Power voltage of 120V.
  • Grip made of rubber.
  • The power cord is 9.84 feet.
  • Weighs 3.4 pounds.
  • Hook and loop sanding disc.
  • Rubber grip controls the maintenance of hand fatigue.
  • Sanding tools help the distribution of pressure evenly on the surface.
  • 3Amp/350W motor is powerful enough to complete a sanding task.
  • Velcro sanding pad that is very quick and easy to install.
  • The dust collector is transparent to see whether it needs to be clean or not.
  • No batteries are required.
  • The detachable dust container is easy to use.
  • Not preferable to use on concrete.

The reason why we like it:

This product bears a high performance in woodworking, coming up with low prices. It is also known for its easy use, less time-consuming feature, and easy on/off switch. As it is a random orbital sander, it moves in various orbit directions to lessen the swirl mark. By this, seasonal experts or amateur DIY enthusiasts can conduct their work not being bored.

07. Enertwist Random Orbit Sander

Power and Capacity: This product takes a great place in the sander category by performing works with no swirls on metal, old furniture, or color and keeps the surface flat. It is also known for its noiseless work in removing exterior paint. The power source of this sander is electricity.

Components: It has a set of 11 containing 1 random orbit polisher, 4 buffings and polishing pad, and 6 sanding discs.

Sandpapers & Grit Type: The hook and loop system assures easy paper changes with a twinkling of an eye.

Dust Collection System: It has a dust-sealed switch, including a dust box, which protects it from dust particles.


  • 2.4 Amp motor. The power voltage is 120V.
  • Weighs 3.7 pounds.
  • Material is mainly plastic and metal.
  • Dimensions: (9.3X5X7) inches.
  • Hook and loop sander.
  • 3 different positions palm grip
  • 6 speed adjustable from 5000-12000 OPM across various materials.
  • Dust sealed switch, including dust collection system.
  • The power cord is 6.6 feet.
  • 5 inch 8 holes hook and loop sander pad for wood or metal sanding.
  • A transparent dust-sealed cover is visible for switch operations and keeps the dust out.
  • Variable speed performs a high removal rate and high-quality perfect finishing.
  • 3 different positions palm grip for comfort and easy use.
  • No battery is required.
  • It has an adjustable speed to make the surface smooth.
  • The sanding pad is easy to install.
  • Doesn’t have any vacuum adapter.

The reason why we like it:

The durability of the motor allows it to work a long time and the gripping system is more comfortable and easy to use. Its easy and comfortable gripping system with 6 variable speeds provides nice and smooth finishing works to the sanders, saving energy and time. Its high-performance dust collection system is also praiseworthy in the cleaning sector considering other sanders.

Buying Guide of Best Sander For Exterior Paint Removal

Removing paint is a very tedious job, and it’s never easy. But the best sander can give you a better and faster sanding experience. The following factors will guide you through the essential considerations to choose the best sander for your project.


There are different types of sanders. But orbital sander and belt sander are the most common ones.

Orbital Sander

Orbital sanders are faster and easy to control with one hand. They provide a calmer working experience than other sanders.

Belt Sander

Belt senders provide the features that are needed for most paint-removing projects. Hence, it is also one of the most used sanders.

There are also shaft sanders, arbitrary circle sanders, and power drywall sanders. First, determine which type of sander you want to purchase.


Make sure the sander you are buying is powerful enough to remove paint from your material. Generally, an average sander has an engine of 3 amps. But if you are going to perform heavy-duty works, go for a 6 amp one. More powerful sanders will work faster and will also last longer. Also, see if the sander is easy to grip or not, as properly gripping the sander is vital for the ease of the sanding process.


The speed of your sander determines its efficacy. So it’s a significant factor to consider. Look at its RPM/OPM Revolutions per minute/O it Per Minute) in the feature. RPM refers to the number of rotations that it can make in a minute. It would be best if you bought a sander that at least has 3500 plus rpm. Disc speed should be higher for removing paint from abrasive surfaces.

Another thing is the variable speed feature. The sanders should be able to alter the speed to give you better control over your work. Thus you can get a better, even finish with an aesthetic look. You can also work on a variety of surfaces.

Speed Lock

It would help if you bought a sander with a speed lock. It is a latch or locking system to lock the sander at an accurate speed. After selecting the required speed in the disc, put the latch down on the edges. At this, the speed will be stuck. It is a valuable feature for long-term works and projects where statutory speed is necessary.

Ease of Use

In some sanders, changing sanding pods is a tedious process, and that can impede your workflow. So make sure your sander offers an easy and quick process of changing sanding pods or adding sandpaper.

Dust Collection

Sanding is a messy job. While removing paint, you can make a coat of dust all over the place. But new sanders have come with a dust storage unit that collects dust from the air when you work. It will make your work and cleaning process more manageable. While it’s impossible to collect all the dust, some models can collect the vast majority.

So ensure to set the vacuum attachment. Some sanders have an updated dust bag.

Low Vibration

For a smooth and comfortable working experience, you should buy a low vibration sander. Long-time vibration can leave your hands numb, which is harmful to your health. So always look for no vibration or low vibration sanders.

Weight And Portability

Your sander should be lightweight and portable. Otherwise, working on walls that are higher than your height will be tough for you. Again, it’s hard to move around with the sander if it’s a bulky one with a short power cord. So buy one that is portable and has a long cord.

Orbital Sander VS Belt Sander

PointOrbital SandersBelt Sanders
UsageAn orbital sander is used for minimizing deep gashes left by a belt sander and for coping with irritating edges and corners.A belt sander is used for vigorous and heavy-duty sanding and shaping.
Work on surfaceWorks on the finishing part on the surface of the furniture and woodworking projects.Removes the rough surface of large work-pieces, such as a tabletop.
Working processTo remove materials, the rectangular head moves in an orbital phase.Between two revolving drums, a continuous loop sand belt circulates.
Surface typeOrbital sanders can work at difficult anglesBelt sanders work on smooth surfaces
WeightOrbital sanders are much easier to handle and wear out the user less because they are smaller handheld instruments.Belt sanders are more powerful, heavy and their capabilities are more straightforward.

Orbital Sanders VS Random Orbital Sanders

PointsOrbital SandersRandom Orbital Sanders
Work processWorks on the finishing part on the surface of the furniture and woodworking projects.A random orbit sander spins and rotates simultaneously to minimize marks on the final product.
Best featureThe orbital sander’s best feature is its square shape, which allows it to reach into corners and up against edges.The best feature of it is that the cross-grain scratching is less noticeable with random-orbit sanders.
Pattern marksOrbital sander moves in a minimal circular motion around a small orbit. That is why it might leave swirl pattern marks, especially when sanding across the wood grain.Random orbit sander moves back and forth in an oscillation spin, which does not create distinct pattern marks.
PricingThe orbital sander is much affordable.The random orbit sander is higher in pricing compared to the orbital sander.
Work efficiencyAn orbital sander sands in a whole bunch of little circles, which leaves a whole bunch of small circles in the wood when you finish it. It has zero dust collection ability, and you have to clamp in custom-cut pieces of sandpaper.Random orbit sander not only sands in little circles, but it also vibrates randomly. That means there will not be any of those tiny circles in your wood when you put on the finish. All of them have holes in their base, which act as suction for dust. That means it keeps the dust out of the air and makes sanding much faster.

Orbital Sander VS Paint Eater

PointOrbital SanderPaint Eater
UsageIt is used for minimizing deep gashes left by a belt sander and for coping with irritating edges and corners.It smoothly removes flaking and chipped paint
Working processThe rectangular head moves in an orbital phase to remove materials.It has a robust spun fiber disc on the edges that removes tough paints and recovers the surface for repainting
Work efficiencyAn orbital sander sands in a whole bunch of little circles, which leaves a whole bunch of small circles in the wood when you finish it. It has zero dust collection ability, and you have to clamp in custom-cut pieces of sandpaper.It rotates at an optimal rotary speed and works aggressively. But it is easy to use for siding and trimming
SurfacesOrbital sanders can work at difficult anglesSome have a Flex-Disc system which ensures that you can use it on uneven surfaces.
SurfacesThe orbital sander’s best feature is its square shape, which allows it to reach into corners and up against edges.Look for paint eaters with an Open-web disc design that reduces dust build-up. The best part is it reduces hand fatigue of the users by a variety of hand positions.

How to Care Your Paint Removing Sander?

Without proper caring and maintenance, your paint-removing sander can wear out. Remember the following cares while using sanders –

  • You shouldn’t use sanders on a wet or dusty surface. For this, clean the painted surface thoroughly with dish detergent and let it dry overnight before sanding.
  • Hand scrap the rough areas, then start to sand them.
  • Don’t put much pressure on the sander. Use it calmly as excessive pressure can cause disc vulnerability.
  • Apart from these, you should properly take care of the rotating discs, motors, and power cords.
  • Wash the disc regularly to keep it free from dust.
  • Check power sources as safety measures. Specially AC power is hazardous, and you should take proper precautions and protection to prevent electric shock or hazards.
  • Keep the sander storage dry because moist air induces rust on the body and the sanders’ parts.
  • Prolonged usage can cause much heat in the motor. So please keep it in a cool, dry place.
  • Never try to repair the motor inside the sander on your own if it gets faulty. Take it to the local mechanics or ask for support from the expert.


Question: Why Is Orbital Sander Better Than Others?

Answer: Orbital sanders have more OPMs(orbit per minute) than other ones. More OPMs means more motion per minute that translates to removing point faster and better. It’s easy to control with one hand. Again, compared to other sanders, orbital sanders are calmer and leave minor cross-grain marks. Their square shape makes removing paints from the corner and edges easier.

Question: How to Use an Orbital Sander to Remove Paint?

Answer: Wear safety goggles, breathing mask before sanding to protect yourself from the dust and cover the furniture up if you’re working indoors. Hand scrape as much as you can before start using the sander. Orbital sanders spin in circles when you move them over the paint. Avoid working too much on the same spot and pressing down too much on the tool. Always keep the sander moving.

Scrap away the remaining paint with the sandpaper. Start with a coarser grit (40-80 grit) and then work with a finer one ( up to 220 grit)

Final Words

So, which one is your best sander for exterior paint removal? Since there are various types of sanders, it can be puzzling to you to find the right one. After going through the product reviews and buying guide, we hope the confusion is gone.

So choose your product as per your purpose. Remember one thing; every product comes with different features to complete multiple jobs. Precisely, Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander comes with the most precision as it took the butter from us.

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