Best Nail Guns for Crown Molding – Reviews & Buying Guide

Let`s hearken a story. Mr. John was molding the crown using a heavy posh ancient hammer. Accidently, he hit the hammer on his finger. Ah! It was bleeding but he continued. Again a messy incident happened. He had driven the nails into his finger. Giving a loud sought, he had fallen from the ladder. Now the final hit the hammer hit his head. Now he is groaning in the hospital. So, here we will suggest safety machine tools and describe the best nail guns for crown molding.

Selecting the auspicious tool keeps you one step forward and makes your deeds figurative, attractive, and time-saving.  Particularly in the tool world and home DIY projects, nail guns have brought revolution. It is a vicar of hummer. Since nail guns are driven by gas, air, or electromagnetic force, they eliminate manual forces.

So using nail guns, you can continue nailing for a long time with satisfaction. Especially for crown molding, these worthiest nailers give you hassle-free, durable, and amicable nailing.

5 Best Nail Gun for Crown Molding

Are you looking for exceptional paramount tools for crown molding? If you are a contractor and DIY enthusiast, this article is for you to mold the cornice perfectly and smoothly. Here you will get the best nail guns for crown molding.

The market is messed up with an abundance of nail guns for crown molding. So it will be a little bit hard to choose the reliable one. The article is our little attempt to hand you the right gun. Here we have picked up the six best market topped and best-rated nail guns containing unique features. Let’s kick off it.

01. Freeman PFN1564 Pneumatic Finish Nailer

Let`s look at our 1st item Freeman PFN1564. Its ergonomic design, lightweight, egregious efficiency, easy handling, money, and time-saving, features will astonish you. The tool is made of Aluminum; assures durability, with heat-treated steel parts and the weight is only 6 pounds. The quick jam-release nose and lightweight criteria provide you constant and exhaust-free molding. In dimension, it is 18 x 14.5 x 4.5 inches.

As a pneumatic finish nailer, Freeman PFN1564 is driven by an air compressor and a hose. You can control the air pressure within 70-120 PSI. The tool will ensure you more activities than any electric nailer. The company has given you a blow-molded carry Case, safety goggles, belt Hook, air tool oil, and adjustment Tools to alleviate your hardship.

The next outstanding feature is 340 angels; makes it individual from its competitor, 15 gauge 2-1/2 inches finish nailer.  With the dual-motor trigger, you can easily access fast nailing. The tool-free depth adjustment and no-mar nose tip will secure soft and smooth molding.

The manufacturer company is committed to providing outstanding value, top-tier customer service, and long-lasting, high-quality products. They assert that the special 340 angel feature is sufficient for installing baseboard, crown molding, trim, doors, window casing, and furniture components. So you can conduct the tool with various purposes. Lastly, the amazing part is you will get 7years of limited warranty along with 90 days wearable parts warranty.


  • 340 angel nailing driving factor guarantee quick and sheeny molding.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design assures easy handling and fatigue-free molding.
  • Aluminum with the steel body and parts ensure lastingness.
  • By dual trigger firing mode, you can switch the single-mode into bump firing mode according to your action.
  • Extra equipment like safety glasses, belt hook, air oil tool, and so on.


  • As pneumatic and you have to work on the above surface, the hose and compressor may make a little hassle.

Eventually, Freeman PFN1564 is a versatile tool with extra unique features which you search for pursuing a nailer for molding. Similarly ergonomic design, lightweight, egregious efficiency, easy handling, money and time saving, and all. So why will you deprive yourself of getting the best tool?

02. NuMax SL31 Pneumatic 3-in-1 16-Gauge and 18-Gauge Finish Nailer

How will it be if you get 3 in 1 nailer at the cheapest rate with perfect efficiency? Our 2nd product will surely amaze you. The NuMax SL31 is congenial to 18 gauge staples and brad nails, including 16 gauge finish nails. It is only 2.09 pounds and 9.5 x 2.25 x 9.25 inches.  Its aluminum body, ergonomic design, padded grip, and heat-treated steel parts ensure lastingness and are lightweight.

The finish nailer is corded and pneumatic. The 3600air exhaust keeps the air and dust away from your face. The feature keeps your surroundings tidy and limpid. The no-mar tip furnishes the crown smoothly. The nail indicator will notify you at the time of running out of nails. The 3 in 1 feature has nailed it and makes it unique from its competitors. The tool is 16 gauge and 18 gauge 2inches finish nailer and stapler. The nail gun and stapler combo are worthy for 16 gauge straight finish nails from 3/4″ to 2″, 18 gauge brad nails from 3/8″ to 2″, and 18 gauge 1/4″ narrow crown staples from 1/2″ to 1-5/8″. A tool-free depth adjustment is also added to it.

The manufacturer company guarantees you durability and safety with a 1-year limited service and 30 days wearable parts warranty. The ergonomic grip, 3 in 1 activity, and replaceable base plate distinguish the tool from the company`s previous tools. Besides, these landmarks permit you to easily switch between T-cleats, L-cleats and, staples for maximum functionality.


  • The 3 in 1 feature makes it multi-purpose. You can use it as a stapler, a finish, or a brad nailer.
  • It is lighter in weight than any other nailer; only 2.09 pounds.
  • 3600 air exhaust system provides safe and sound molding.
  • You can get the tool at the best accessible rate.
  • Along with 2″ Finish Nailer and Stapler, the company gives you air tool oil and adjustment Tools.


  • Using the hose and compressor may create a slight commotion.

So, to get an easy handling, accessible, multi-purpose, durable, and productive nail gun for crown molding you must select the 3 in 1 NuMax SL31. And we are sure about your productivity and safety.

03. BOSTITCH Finish Nailer, Angled, 15GA,(N62FNK2)

Presenting our 3rd best nailer from BOSTITCH. The BOSTITCH N62FNk2 is the world`s 1st 15 gauge with an ultra-quiet rear exhaust smart nailer. It is made of Magnesium; makes it long-lasting. Its weight and dimension are respectively 8.73 pounds and 16.5 x 14.6 x 4.3 inches. Having the integrated air blower keeps the nailing area clean.

The nailer is pneumatic like the previous two and you need a hose with an air compressor. You can control the air pressure between 70-120 PSI.  The tool is a 15 gauge FN-style nail gun with a driving range between 1-1/4inches to 2-1/2 inches. It is an adhesive collated type 340 magazine angel with up to 130 magazine capabilities. The 16 inches central gauge features conduct with quick and easy installation of baseboard. The depth adjustment and jam release tool are already equipped here.

The BOSTITCH Company has come up with additional features like adjustment trigger, rear trip design, safety lock, LED light, and all. This tool has an 80% smaller nose; drives the nails in a tight space, than the current finish nailer in the market. Oil-free operation with ultra-quiet air exhaust feature keeps the working surface amicable.

There are 7 years of limited warranty for this product. Some added pieces of equipment are tools, carrying case, sample finish nails, 2 standard no-mar tips, 4 profile no-mar tips, swivel air fitting, steel belt hook, and hex wrench surely make you pleased.


  • Excessive limited service of seven years. So don’t worry about productivity. You can deal with the tool in long term.
  • The 80% small nose is a unique feature that drives nails any tight space to enhance productivity.
  • The 16 inches central gauge features conduct with quick and easy installation of baseboard.
  • Integrated air blower is also another feature like the small nose which makes the tool worthy of its contestants.
  • The Magnesium body makes it durable and lightweight.


  • The tool is a little bit nosier.

In the end, we acknowledge that The BOSTITCH N62FNk2 is an efficient, easy handling, durable, safe-use tool specially made for crown molding and interior decoration. The tool must fully accomplish your desire. So you should not do misjudgment yourself, right? Must try the  BOSTITCH N62FNk2.

 04. WEN 61721 Pneumatic Brad Nailer

WEN 61721 is worldwide recognized as a professional brad nailer. It is an outstanding tool with lightweight, easy handling, affordable, ergonomic design, productivity, spacious magazine, and so many distinctive features. In weight and dimension, it is only 2.7 lbs. and 10 x 8.25 x 2.75 inches. The three pounds design unites the rubber grip handle and slight-weight criteria. Which gives you prostration-free and comfortable molding.

The tool is air-powered and drives between 60-115 PST with ¼ inches NPT air inlet fitting.  The 18 gauge brad nailer overlooks within 3/8 to 2 inches (length) metal nails with 106 nail magazine capacity. You will get 2 years limited warranty from WEN.

It was all about the product`s description. Let`s look at its features. The WEN61721 features a depth adjustment wheel by which you can control the nail as you like. The directional air exhaust emits the air in a particular direction by rotating the exhaust part. You can notify the number of nails by the nail gauge. Then the ¼ inches NPT air inlet permits you to connect the tool with any compressor. It is also a distinguishing feature that is absent in its competitors. Additionally, the spring-loaded magazine and latch nose drive the nails quickly and remove jam effortlessly.


  • The ¼ inches air inlet fitting feature gives access to any type of air compressor. So no worries about a specific compressor.
  • By the directional air exhaust, you can control air disposal direction by regulating the part.
  • The spring-loaded magazine drives the fasteners quickly which enhances productivity.
  • The latch noses prevent the jam. So you can continuously.
  • The rubber grip and lightweight assure fatigue-free molding.


  • Nails and Cases are not included. So you have to buy it separately.

Finally, we can assure you that the WEN 61721 is an appropriate tool with efficient, easy-handling, lightweight, and hassle-free nailing features. Besides the customer-friendly helpline, the tool`s activities make you remember the WEN. So keeping hesitation aside, you must try the appropriate tool for crown molding.

05. Senco 4G0001N Finish Pro 42XP 15 Gauge 1-1/4″ To 2-1/2″ Finish Nailer

This is our last best-picked tool from Senco. Senco 4G0001N is a finish nailer with handy, lasting, originative, consistent, and multidimensional nailing characteristics. The tool is crafted with a Never Lube design. A snug grip with the rugged internal design makes it durable and provides tiredness-free nailing. The magnesium body makes the tool lightweight but tough. It is 4 pounds and 4 x 11.5 x 13 inches. The ergonomic design with custom grip and trigger certifies you more comfort and welfare. The special withstand of wear and tear has made it more competitive for the toughest materials.

The 42 P is a pneumatic finish nailer with an operating pressure of 70-120 PSI. It conducts both bright and galvanized 15 gauge finish nails within 1-4/4 to 2-1/2 inches. That`s why it is an appropriate tool for crown molding, base molding, fencing, wood casing, cabinets as well as hard and soft stuff. It`s a tool with 104 magazine capacity so don’t worry about intervals. You will be provided a five years warranty on this tool.

Don’t be tired. There are more. The 4G001N features a dial-in depth gauge and a variable thumbwheel adjustable depth-of-drive which ensure accurate driving from first to last. The EZ clear latch impedes jams. The tool is also able to resist misfire and double nailing. The Senco has upgraded the 42×P by the exclusive NeverLube design which staves off damage and mess by the splitting oil. A nop-mar tip pad also features smooth and slip-less driving.


  • The tool is formed with a rugged internal design with magnesium. Which makes it durable and lightweight and fatigue-free driving.
  • The NeverLude design prevents damage and mess. So you will get a furnished molding.
  • The tool resists misfire and double nailing. So don’t worry about nail wasting.
  • The tool resists misfire and double nailing. So don’t worry about nail wasting.
  • The EZ latch nose clear jams to keep you consistent on driving.


  • Being pneumatic the hose and air compressor may make little hassle for crown molding.

Finally, we confidently admit that the Senco 4G0001N is an effective tool for crown molding along with other purposes. You will get constant, safe, attractive, and permanent driving by the nail with easy handling features. So the 42×P is a must tool to decorate the interior cornice attractively. Hopefully, you will get the best result from this nail gun.

Best Nail Guns for Crown Molding Buyers’ Guide

At the time of reading this context, your brain may be messed up with many quarries. Like why should I use a nail gun? Which features should I remember at the time of pursuing?  Or how to select the best tool for my action?

First of all, picking a perfect nail gun will keep you one step forward than the ancient tool`s users. As they are the substitute for hammers, you can do a speedy drive without any harm or damage. They also save manual force. There are many criteria that must be kept in mind. Let`s dive into it.

Power Source & Type:

Normally, a nail gun is driven by air, gas, or electromagnetic force. So based on their power sources, there are three types of nailers.

  • Electric: These nail guns are powered by electromagnetic force. Normally, a lithium-ion battery is required here. These tools need a periodic charge and you can carry them anywhere.
  • Pneumatic: They are driven by air-power. To make it perform you need a hose and a compressor. Most pneumatic nail guns have pressure control quality within 70-120 PSI which is perfect. They are more powerful than electric types. You can select them for hard materials.
  • Gas-powered: They are based on gas power. To drive it you need a gas cartridge. It`s like the pneumatic tools and a little bit expensive.

Depth adjustment:

It is a remarkable feature of nail guns. By the depth adjustment factor, you can control the nail depth. Sometimes you need to keep the nail above the stuff surface, equal to the surface, or into the surface. So it will help you.

Nail gun type:

There are 9 types of nail guns based on their activities.

  1. Framing nailer: It mostly works on the heaviest materials. Particularly for wood framing in buildings or heavy construction jobs.
  2. Flooring nailer: This type is designed for laying tongue-and-groove floorboards.
  3. Palm nailer: They are as same as the full-size nailer but mini in size. These tools are appropriate for the tiny and tight projects.
  4. Roofing nailer: This nailer is just like the framing tool and perfect for wood and professional and home DIY projects.
  5. Siding nailer: This is  for sleazy wood.
  6. Pin nailer: They are mostly for carpentry projects.
  7. Brad nailer: These are used for all types of nailing.
  8. Finish nailer: They are mostly for finish carpentry work; mostly for crown molding.
  9. Staple nailer: This types are as same as the other tools but drive in a wide range.

Firing modes:

It is also an important feature to consider. There are 2 types of firing modes.

  • Bump-firing mode type: drives fasteners on time.
  • Single-shoot mode: drives fasteners in a super-fast style.

Magazine capacity:

It indicates the number of fasteners. More magazine capacity refers to more consistency and more productivity.


The ergonomics design of the handle, grip, and body makes the tool suitable for driving.


At the time of buying a nail gun think about a warranty. Though it depends on your usage but the warranty matters.

Final Verdict

Safety and productivity are the most two emergent things in Home DIY projects. Only by using an impeachable and unerring nail gun can make it happen. Selecting the best tool make your crown more attractive, with safety and affirmed.  It`s our mere responsibility to hand over the worthy tool for your esteemed purpose.

As crown molding elucidates the interior striking, namely the perfect nailer makes it more engaging and stable. In this article, we have done our best to give the proper and exact product description.

So to decrease your trouble, we have presented these six best nail guns for crown molding. We are optimistic to make you satisfied fully. Please give your valuable suggestions and endearment in the comment section below.

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