Best Finish for Pine Dining Table – Reviews of 2021

Finishing is an essential part of coloring furniture. Wooden furniture always looks best when it is properly finished. If you want your pine dining table to look attractive and new you need to get yourself the best finish for pine dining table.

Imagine you are visiting a house that has an aesthetic dining table, which has a wooden brown color and a shiny appearance. Your eyes will get fixated on such a beautiful dining table at first sight, and what if you got you to know that the wooden pine dining table is very old? Just like anybody else, you too would be surprised to see an old dining table still looking brand new. The secret lies within its type of finishing.

You will get several kinds of finishing for a pine dining table in the market, but you might get confused with which would be the best one for your furniture. To help you with your problem we have listed down the best finish for pine dining table in our article. Stay with us in this page to know more about it in detail!

6 Best Finish for Pine Dining Table Reviews

There are many different types of finishes for pine dining tables. To help you decide which finish would be the best for your dining table we have prepared a list of the top 07 best finish for pine dining table in our review article.

01. Sunnyside Corporation Boiled Linseed Oil Finish 

Are you looking for a finish that will protect, seal and make your dining table looking good as new? You should check out Sunnyside Corporation boiled linseed oil finish! It has been highly praised by wood craftsmen for its fine quality.

There are 2 types of linseed oil finish available in the market, they are boiled and raw oil. Boiled linseed oil will provide a smooth, glossy texture to your pine dining table. It will also make it look tough and uniform.

Highlighted Features:

WOOD PROTECTANT: – Applying this finish helps to make your furniture scratches, water, and dust. It can also bring old rusty wooden dining table look shinny and revived. It will protect your table’s wood for many years.

NATURAL GLOSS: – Its natural gloss feature helps to bring out your wooden dining table’s actual color and design. The gloss helps to enhance the wooden work that has been crafted to the table and make it more noticeable to people’s eyes.

SLOW DRYING: – it dries slowly and prevents air bubbles to leave a mark. It takes about 10 to 18 hours to dry completely. After the finish dries it forms a strong barrier that protects the dining table.

EASY MAINTENACE: – Sunnyside finish helps to add a thick layer of coating to your table and prevents it from wearing out. The finish is also easy to maintain and requires only a few gentle strokes to coat it completely.

  • Helps to increase your dining table’s lifespan
  • Prevents dust & dirt buildup
  • Protects the table from weather and water
  • Makes it look attractive
  • Takes more than 15 hours to dry

02. Ready Seal Pail Pecan Exterior Pine Dining Finish

Are you looking for a finish that works better in unpainted wood rather than painted ones? Ready Seal Pail Pecan Oil is one of the finest finishes for your wooden pine dining table. This finish can be applied using either a brush, sprayer or roller onto the wooden furniture surface.

Not just your furniture, Ready Seal pail Pecan finish can also coat your wooden walls, your attic, outer wooden shed, balcony, and many more. It is an oil-based finish that is semi-transparent and makes your furniture vibrant and bright.

Highlighted Features:

MAINTAINS TEXTURE: This is not a transparent coating, rather a mild one that not only helps to preserve the wood’s original color, but also its fine texture and wooden designs. It allows the grains to remain visible and solid.

SEALS MOISTURE: The finish puts a coating over wood that prevents moisture from entering the wood. It helps to keep the wood long-lasting, dry, and durable.

WEATHER-RESISTANT:– This finish can be applied during any weather conditions. The presence of sun or wind is not a factor like most other wooden finishes. It can also protect the wood from rain, snow, and hail.

DURABLE: – Allows the wooden furniture to be strong against small to mild stress. It also protects the outer wooden surface from grease, dirt, debris, and other mildew.

  • Ensures 100% color consistency
  • Looks smooth and brand new after 2 coats only
  • Finish available in 8 different wood colors
  • Does not require mixing or diluting the color

03. Rust-Oleum Varathane Premium Wood Finish

Do you want your pine dining table to have a richer and more natural color? If you have different furniture made of pinewood and are of different colors and you want a finish from the same brand to coat all of the Rust-Oleum Varathane Premium wood finish would be the perfect one for you.

This finish is available in 15 -20 different colors and can be used to coat a large variety of wooden furniture. The product also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from its manufacturer. You can safely use it to coat your pine dining table without any worries.

Highlighted Features

PREMIUM PIGMENTS: – This finish contains premium quality pigments that not only help to bring a natural fine-toned appearance to your dining table, but also restore its lost wooden texture.

DEEP PENETRATION:– After coating the finish can penetrate deep into your wooden furniture, bringing back its vibrancy. It helps produce a harder color than the original one.

SOYA OIL BASED:– Its soya oil-based formula helps to increase your table’s grain enhancement. Makes your table translucent and attractive.

  • Requires less stirring while applying it on the table
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Gives furniture a natural dark look
  • Brings out your table’s inner beauty
  • Stays a bit sticky even after drying for 8 hours

04. Varathane Premium Fast Dry Finish 

Varathane Premium Fast Dry is not only great for finishing your favorite furniture but also can be used to finish interior décor, wooden cabinets, doors, and also panels. It is an oil-based finish that helps to rejuvenate your worn-out wood and makes it look fresh as new.

Highlighted Features:-

NANO PIGMENT PARTICLES: – The Nano pigment particles in the finish help to provide a high-quality finish. It also helps to highlight its color and make the furniture shine.

SEALS WOOD PORE: – This wood pore sealing function is very effective, as it prevents uneven tones and allows a plain smooth texture. Non-zigzag air bubbles can form while coating and helps your furniture to harden.

EASY BRUSH: – Reduces the need of conditioning the wood before applying the finish. It also prevents the use of pre-wash or staining.

PERFECT CONCENTRATION: – This finish is of the perfect concentration, not to dilute or too concentrated. It contains an advanced formula that causes it to dry within an hour.

  • Dries up within an hour
  • Helps to reveal your table’s original glow
  • They can contain enough to coat 275 square feet of wood.
  • Durable finish
  • Temperature is a factor for this finish. Does not work best until the temperature is at 60 -90 °F

05. Minwax Polyshades, Stain & Polyurethane Finish 

If you are looking for a finish that will make your pine dining table rich in color and can also be applied after precious polyurethane coating Minwax Polyshades stain and finish is the perfect one for you.

If have not heard of Minwax stains previously, it is one of the most popular and leading wood stains in the USA. It helps to provide a long-lasting finish to your furniture.

Highlighted Features:-

275 VOC COMPLIANT: – It helps to lessen the finish time compared to staining. It allows people to stain and polyurethane your furniture in a single step.

POLYURETHANE FORUMALTED: – This finish is 100% polyurethane formulated that can be used over existing polyurethane finishes. It also provides long-lasting durability and protection.

AEROSOL FORM: – It is also available in aerosol form, which is much easier to apply on tricky angles where brushes cannot reach.

HARD FINISH: – Allows faster drying and saves time.

  • Can be applied over any wooden surface
  • Doesn’t require brushing off previous coating or pre-wood treatment
  • Dries off very safe
  • Produces a rich grain color
  • Does not cover wooden pores on furniture efficiently

06. DEFY Extreme Gallon Wood Finish 

If you want a water-based wood finish that is semi-permanent and adds a soft glow to your furniture DEFY Extreme gallon wood stain would be the best type of finish for you. DEFY extreme wood stain is a product of SaverSystems.

All their products are manufactured using the best raw materials and strict production procedures. As a result, their wood finish is one of the best and one of the finest in the market.

Highlighted Features:

ZINC FORTIFIED NANO-TECHNOLOGY: – It acts as a protective layer over your wood, prevents UV rays from discoloring your product or losing its texture.

HIGH QUALITY: – Since it is made of the finest raw materials like resin, it protects the wood from fading out and enhances its resistance. It gives your table a premium glossy and finished look.

WATER-BASED ACRYLIC: – helps to protect your table against water splashes. People can also clean their furniture with soap and water after applying this coating.

SUPER DURABILITY: – It helps your wood last for a long time, protects it from scratches and dust. Does not require sanding or any pre-treatment before application.

  • Very easy to apply and maintain
  • Innovative technology
  • It provides Long-lasting shine and color
  • Water-resistant
  • Transparent coating and requires several coating to make it deep

Buyers Guide

There are many factors you need to consider before you buy a table finish from a market. To help you know about such essential factors we have prepared a buying guide for you.

Pine Wood Type:

The Pine trees are mainly grown in large acres of land for timber and are much more durable than Spruce wood. Pine is most favored for furniture making due to its soft texture, its ability to take up stain well. It is also much more resinous than most other wood.

Pinewood is falling in the category of softwood which includes many evergreen trees. In general, there are 4 types of pine wood: Deal pine, Blue Pine, white pine, and southern yellow pine wood. Each of these types of pine wood is used to make furniture, carpets, cabinets, dining tables, boats, and many more.

Out Looking Appearance:

Most of the pine dining wood finishing shades are available in Polyshades, such as 15 – 18 different colors. Starting from Special Walnut color to Natural Cherry, Classic oak, Honey pine, classic black, antique walnut and many more. Among these shades Special Walnut color is the most popular finishing color people apply on their furniture. It is not too light or too dark and looks amazing on a pine wood dining table.

Quality and Durability:

The quality & Durability of wood depends on its ability to withstand pressure, resist change, stay protected from insects and other termites, and control moisture. Among all the wood pine is very unique. Pinewood has a shock-resistant feature and is not prone to damage as much as the other soft and hardwood. Coating pinewood with a good quality finish helps to increase your furniture’s lifespan. The coat prevents scratches, water from penetrating and also slows down its wear-and-tear processes. It makes your furniture look new and shiny for many years.


Coating a pinewood table with a finish is not a tough job. All you need is sandpaper to remove any existing paint from your furniture. Sandpaper also helps to give your furniture a smooth polish and prepare it to be coated. Conditioning your wood is a prerequisite for all types of coating. If you do not condition your wood the varnish or finish will not settle evenly on your table.

You can apply a layer of natural wood conditioner after brushing it smoothly with sandpaper. The final stage is coating your table with a finish. You have to be very gentle and careful at this stage. After finishing all it to dry off well. Also, remove the excess finish from your wood to prevent blotching. If you want your finish color to be a bit darker you can add more layers of finish on top of the existing one.

Curing Duration: 

Pinewood curing time is not drying time, there is a major difference between the two. Curing time is the time when the wood is applied under heat, pressure, or other factors to treat it and make sure all other oils and dirt get removed from your wood’s surface. Hard Oils take 1 to 7 days, Water-based finishes take 7 to 14 and oil-based polyurethane takes around 30 days to cure properly.


Different type of coating has different coverage capacity. On average most of the finishes follow a standard rule. Every gallon of finish can be used to coat approximately 300 to 400 square feet and can be used to coat the same wood thrice. However, not all coating follow the standard rule so it is better to check the can for instructions and coverage capacity before purchasing it.

How to Finish Your Pine Dining Table?

Many of you are beginners or are going to finish your pine dining table for the first time. To finish your dining table properly please follow the following steps:

  1. The first step in finishing is to prepare the wood
  2. You need to get a sandpaper
  3. Use your sandpaper to sand in the direction of the grain of the wood in your dining table
  4. Then carefully use a cloth to remove all the dust
  5. Next, take a brush and apply a natural coat of any wood conditioner of your choice
  6. Gently dip your brush into the wood conditioner can, and smoothly brush your wood
  7. The wood container will help to adsorb the finish evenly and prevent the wood from being blotchy
  8. Allow the conditioner to remain on the wood for 5 to 15 minutes
  9. Next, you need to wipe off any condition of your wood that does not adsorb
  10. Now you are ready for staining your table with a finish
  11. Take a can of your desired finish, gently use a stick to stir and mix it evenly. Take a fresh brush and dip it in the can and gently brush the finish on your dining table
  12. Keep it like that for some time then again wipe off any stain your wood does not adsorb.
  13. You will get a fine natural color, if you need a darker color you have to finish again following the same process.

How to Choose the Right Finish for Pine Table?

First of all, you need to determine how your dining table is, the type of design it has, its width, and its durability. Then select the type of finish you want to coat your dining table with.

Oil Finish

Oil finishes are the safest, eco-friendly, and non-toxic form of coating. Table oil finishes are very easy to use and help to produce a very fine-textured grain pattern on furniture that is used to coat it. Table oil finish is more of a traditional type of coating that has been used to coat furniture for hundreds of years.

Benefits: Oil finishes enhance the wood grain and help to lay down a thin film. It also helps to bring out your wood’s character.

Outlook: Helps to give your furniture a shiny and polished look.

Stains Finish

Wood stain is a type of coat that is used to paint tables and other wooden work and bring back its vibrancy. There are two types of table stains, oil-based and water-based stained. Among all the ways to finish your wooden furniture, table stains are the easiest and fastest way to enhance the appearance of your furniture.

Benefits: Helps to add rich pure color to all types of dining tables.

Outlook: Your table will have a natural grain texture and a glossy outlook

Varnishes Finish

Varnish is one of the strongest finishes to apply to your dining table. It is superior to other traditional types and is heat, abrasion, and impact resistant. Table varnish can be applied over any other coated finishing and helps to make your furniture look dark, bright, and shiny. Synthetic varnish consists of polyurethane, phenolics, and few other materials. Synthetic table varnishes are also dependent on resins and need thinners for application. Water-based table varnishes are easy to apply and use compared to synthetic varnish. They also dry up faster and do not crack air bubbles and are alcohol resistant.

Benefits: It can produce a semi-gloss, satin, and matte finish. It also helps to bring out your furniture’s true color.

Outlook: A vibrant color no matter what shade is used to coat. Your table will look glossy and bright.

Waxes Finish

Unlike all the other types of table finish, table waxes get absorbed into your dining table’s wood grain and help to seal the surface. It also blocks up pores that are present. Beeswax, Microcrystalline wax, Carnauba wax, and Paste wax are few examples of table waxes.

Benefits: The best feature of table wax is that it acts as a barrier against dust, moisture, and scratches.

Outlook: wax finish helps to give your furniture a healthy glow. Your furniture will look bright, vibrant, and naturally appealing.

Paints Finish

The paint is much thicker and stronger than all other finishes. Among latex paint and oil-based table paint, latex would be the best choice. Latex table paint blocks most stains and gives a nice coating. However, oil-based ones are good too but they produce an odor that may be disliked by many people.

Benefits: The paint finish has a great concealing capacity compared to other types of finishes. It is also the easiest finish to apply.

Outlook: Gives your table a strong matte look. It will rejuvenate back its original color and make it shine.


Q1. What is Pinewood?

There are more than 100 million acres of area in the Northern hemisphere of the USA with nothing but pine trees. Pine trees are one of the most ubiquitous tall trees that are flexible and highly durable.

Pine trees also come in diversified colors as a result they are the perfect choice for making furniture and interior wooden crafts. Overall, pine trees can be grouped into two kinds: hard & soft pine trees. Soft pine trees are usually white, while the hard ones are yellow, red, and pinyon pine trees.

Q1. What Is the Best Finish for Pinewood?

Polyurethane coating or oil-based finishes are the best finishes for pine wood.

Q2. What Is the Best Finish for a Dining Tabletop?

Oil-based polyurethane finishes are considered to be the best.

Q3. Cost of Finishing a Pine Dining Table?

The range of cost can vary from $200-$600 depending on the type of finish and the size of a dining table.

Final Verdict

Now that you have read this article, you will know all about different types of table finishes, and why pine wood is one of the best wood for making furniture. You will also have a general idea about all other types of table finishes, and what benefits do each of the different type of table finishes have. This will help you decide which type of finish would be most suitable for your dining table.

The type of finish you choose also depends on the length of your dining table and which finish would be best to cover it. Hope you choose the best finish for pine dining table. Make your table as good as new with your favorite table finish from our list.

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