Best Cordless Nail Gun For Fencing – Reviews

To cope up with the new age is the criteria of human nature. Consequently, selecting new inventions in farming deeds in place of ancient tools must keep you one step onward. As a farming contractor or home DIY project enthusiast, picking up the magnificent tools will be your paramount liability. Whether you are exploring the auspicious tool to decorate your yard alluringly, this is our presentation particularly for you. In this article, we have assimilated the 6 best cordless nail gun for fencing.

It`s a time-saving tool and powered by electromagnetic force. Its portability and consistent working competency features make it more desirable. Dispelling the inconvenience of hammer cordless nail guns will be the best benefactor in fencing.

Hence it`s our little exertion, our recommendation the 6 best cordless nail gun for fencing. We are optimistic about choosing your classy tool via this content.

6 Best Cordless nail gun for Fencing Reviews

There are variant numbers of cordless nail guns with unique properties. It can be a little bit arduous for you sorting upon the dearest one. To provide the best tool, we have picked the market topped and high-rated six worthwhile cordless nail guns for fencing.

1. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

Nail Per Charge: 1300 Nails per charge Job Type: Fencing & Wood Furniture
Gauge Type: 18 Power Source: Battery
Product Weight:Dimension:
Product Details

Porter-cable is the most trusted brand in the farming world. They have introduced another brand nailer kit in model PCC790LA. Its high efficiency, portability, easy handling, time and money-saving, immense firing ability make it more adorable.  It’s lightweight; only 5.9 pounds will curtail your labor. In dimension, it is 13.99 inches. An Ergonomic diagram and optional center of gravity convey an easement to you. It is also acquainted with the multifunctional dual LED light. Which gives you err free deeds in any circumstance.

This brand nailer is battery-powered. Accordingly, you can be set free from the need for an air compressor, hose, or costly gas cartridges. It is conducted with a 1.5 Ah 20V lithium battery along with the charger. Its quick charging capacity and integrated belt hook system make it more unique. Having those particular two features, you can take it anywhere and work up to 1.30 hours within 2 minutes quick charge.

It has another amazing landmark, an 18 nailing gauge! You can be served a better oily driving with 5/8- 2 inches nail. The 100 nail magazine capacity with sequential firing mode will continue fencing for a long time. A tool-free release lever, jam release, depth adjustment, and trigger lock will compel you to purchase the brand nailer.

You can get three years of free limited service. The manufacturer will retrieve any defect or damage without cost for three years from the purchase date.


  • Its Lightweight will provide you fatigue-free fencing.
  • Jam release will assure constant nailing with any obscuration. It will bring relaxation in nailing.
  • By 100 magazine capacity, you can work for a long time. So it will save you time.
  • Multifunctional duel LED light assures a safe and sound ambiance and increases visibility. So you can drive the nail without error.
  • Steadfast firing mode will increase productivity and efficiency.


  • By Straight head style, you may feel a little bit unpleasant.

Its high efficiency, portability, easy handling, time and money-saving, immense firing ability will surely attract you to purchase the tool. Eventually, to give the best money value along with getting the desirable working capability you can blindly rely on the PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA (PCC790LA).

02. CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

Brand: CRAFTSMAN Model: CMCN618C1
Nail Per Charge: 420 nails per charge Job Type: Fencing & Wood Furniture
Gauge Type: 18 Power Source: battery
Product Weight:Dimension:
Product Details

Here is our second-best brand nail gun from CRAFTSMAN. The CRAFTSMAN V20 (CMCN618C1) is a perfect tool for any type of fencing, farming, woodwork as well as home DIY projects. The Contoured over-molded handle and attractive-looking features will allure you to pursue it. In weight and volume, it is 7.64 pounds and 13.37 inches. A Special free depth setting will help you in quick a setup. Inclusive of jam release, its stall setting will offer easement. The optimal gravity center will assure easy handling and cut down on user fatigue. Another amazing feature for your convenience is the trigger lock-off switch.

In power source and type, it is cordless and driven by a 1.5 Ah 20V max Li-ion battery with a 20V Li-ion charger. Consequently, you can keep yourself aside from air compressors, hoses, or expensive gas cartridges. As a result, you can deal with your fencing function in a sound ambiance. This nailer will also save up your currency since it is cheaper than the other two types of nail guns.

CRAFTSMAN (CMCN618C1) is conducted with adhesive collated 18 gauge nails including nail driving depth up to 2 inches. Excessive running time factor will drive you up to 420 nails on one charge. With particular consistent firing power, you can run your work in any climate conditions and materials. To get smooth fencing it has appeared with a no-mar tip feature. Its dual LED light will provide you visibility and a low battery indicator. The additional belt hook is for easy access and storage.

The company always offers variously termed warranty for various tools and parts. For cordless power tools, they have three years limited warranty. From the date of purchase, the tool is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship.


  • No-mar tip provides smooth and fair nailing to make the materials more attractive.
  • Dual LED light will assure a safe and sound circumstance with extra visibility. It also serves as the low battery indicator.
  • By trigger, lock-off switch system will lock your gun at the time of not nailing. The feature persuades security.
  • The tool can drive up to 420 nails on one charge. So you can finish your act in a short time.
  • The company provides three years limited warranty. So don’t worry about its durability.


  • Slight heavy (7.64 pounds) like the pneumatic.

The CRAFTSMAN (CMCN618C1) is a nail gun with a vast of unique features. In particular, easy handling, shoddy, extra efficiency, immense run time, and all. Ultimately, to accelerate your fencing along with portability and consistency you can pick up this one within desired value.

03. Ryobi ZRP320 ONE Plus 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion 2 in

Brand: Ryobi Model: ZRP320
Nail Per Charge: 1700 nails per charge Job Type: Fencing & Wood Furniture
Gauge Type: 16 & 18 Power Source: Battery
Product Weight:Dimension:
Product Details

If you search for an impressive, affordable, easy handling, time-saving along with immense efficiency cordless nail gun for fencing, then Ryobi ZRP320 ONE Plus 18V Cordless will be kept at your first sight. Why is it most adorable? Let`s dive into it.

Ryobi ZRP320 is an Airstrike series cordless nail kit. Its green color part is manufactured with hard plastic and the handle is covered with rubber. So by the ergonomic grip, you will apprehend easy handling and fatigue-free fencing. In weight, it is like the pneumatic nail gun, 6.5 pounds. The package dimensions are 14×11.77.5 inches. In addition to the jam release feature, the dual LED light will assure you of blunder-free functions. The dry-fire lockout and low nail indicator features have made the nailer detached from other listed nailers.

This brand nail gun is cordless and driven by a 4Ah 18V High Capacity Lithium battery. The high qualified battery can drive up to 1700 nails on one charge. The Airstrike technology augments the working power resembling the pneumatic and gas power tools. Hence you don`t need to undergo the hassles of air compressor, hose, or gas cartridges. But you have to purchase the charger and battery particularly.

The 18 nail gauge brad nailer has a phenomenal magazine capacity of up to 105 Brand nails within the nail range 5/8 inches to 2 inches. The dual firing trigger mode will enhance your work speed. By the air pressure control and depth adjustment quality, you can do fencing as your wish.

The manufacturer company has added the Air Strike technology to keep the tool one step forward from its previous tool. They will serve you with 90 days limited warranty from the sale date.


  • The Airstrike technology makes it unique from the other competitor nail guns and powerful like the pneumatic tools.
  • By depth adjustment quality you can drive the nail according to your requirement.
  • Dual LED lights give glaring environs and boob-free firing.
  • With Dual firing mode, you can easily change the firing system from single to double and increase your productivity.
  • The One-time charge will provide you up to 1700 nails to drive. That means excessive run time.


  • The Battery and charger have been excluded. You have to purchase them separately.

This impressive and affordable cordless nailer has come up with some amazing features. Time-saving, safety handling, huge run time finally extreme nailing capability have made it different from the others.

These unique features will accelerate your fencing without mistakes and diligence. You can utilize it not only in fencing but also in woodworks and other farming functions.  In fine keeping aside your skepticism and giving the best honor of your money, labor and time you must use this nail gun.

04. Hitachi NT1850DE 18V Cordless Brad Nailer

Brand: Hitachi Model: NT1850DE
Nail Per Charge: 1650 nails per charge Job Type: Fencing & Wood Furniture
Gauge Type: 18 Power Source: Battery
Product Weight:Dimension:
Product Details

Now we will look upon another top-listed tool and that is Hitachi NT1850DE. The company has built a new dimension by launching NT1850DE. It has come up with a bunch of special features like durability, efficiency, depth adjustment, zero rapt up, brushless motor technology, all-purpose nailing, and others. So let`s dive into it.

Basically, this power tool has been renamed METABO HPT. The ergonomic grip provides easy handling and safety nailing. In weight and dimension, it is 7.3 pounds and 12“×2“×12“. With the slight weight feature, you will be able to do frazzle-free works. The dual multipurpose LED light and additional belt hook are a must here.

How it will be if you get the pneumatic strength from a cordless brad nailer? Yes! From the nailer, you will get working efficiency like a pneumatic tool. In type and power source, it is cordless and 3.0 Ah 18V lithium-ion battery powered. The battery is 3/5 inches shorter and .6 pounds lighter than a 3.0 Ah lithium battery by other manufacturers. The tool is kindred with all Hitachi 18V Li-ion slide-type batteries. The battery and charger are entailed in the package. Not only will these but you also get a contractor bag along with safety glasses. Which will protect your kit and eyes. Isn`t Amazing!

The NT1850ED is an 18 gauge nailer and drives nails within 5/8 inches to 2 inches. It is conducted with an easy selective switching system. The tool-less depth adjustment provides flush drives into various materials. The brushless motor assures you excessive run time and durability which make it unique from its competitors. The landmark will also decrease your maintenance labor.

The company has added a brushless motor system, a contractor bag, and safety glasses. Which were absent from their previous product. You will a get 2 years battery warranty and a lifetime tool warranty from Hitachi from the sale date.


  • The lightweight of battery and tool will assert you easeful fencing.
  • The contractor bag and safety glasses will protect your tool and eyes.
  • The brushless motor technology will provide you fast firing with motor durability.
  • The two firing methods will speed up your fencing.
  • The Special no-mar nose tip feature will provide you smooth and fair fencing.


  • It takes a tiny time in magazine loading.

So ultimately, as an efficient, speedy, multi-purpose nailer hunter you should pick up the Hitachi NT1850DE 18V Cordless Brad Nailer.

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05. METABO HPT Cordless Framing Nailer

Brand: METABO Model: NR1890DRS
Nail Per Charge: 400 Nails per charge Job Type: Fencing & Wood Furniture
Gauge Type:  Power Source: Battery
Weight: 10.1 pounds Dimension:
Product Details

Already mentioned that this nailer is a rename of the Hitachi NT1850DE. But some qualities make the tool different from the previous one. How it will be if you get all the in one package like easy maintenance, massive firing speed, efficiency, 18 gauge nail, accessibility, and others. So let`s figure out the unique features.

Firstly come to the design and materials. It is lightweight (7.3lbs) and made of stainless steel. The ergonomic design with the grip provides you obscuration-free fencing with other deeds. The special features are the Brushless motor technology and the unique air spring drive system. Which has made the nailer different from its competitor.

The cordless nailer is powered by a compact 3.0Ah 18V Li-ion battery. The battery is ¾ inches shorter and .6 lbs. inferior to any conventional 3.oAh battery for this purpose. As it is battery-based, you will get rid of the hassles of the hose and air compressor. The battery can drive up to 1650 nails on one charge. The air spring drive system conducts with compressed air to drive zero ramp-up time and increased strength and speed. It will also give you a pneumatic nailing feeling.

It is 18 gauge nails 5/8 inches to 2 inches in ranges with 100 magazine capacity. By the selective actuation switch, you can easily switch from single to bump fire mode. Some features are common here like dual LED lights, tool-less depth of driving adjustment, jam releasing, low battery indicator, and so on.

The manufacturer company has come up with some extra criteria. Such as power button, automatic power shut off within 30 minutes of inaction, side lock switch, no-mar tip, belt hook. Not only these you will also get a contractor bag and safety glasses for you and your tool`s safety.


  • The air spring drive system conducts with compressed air to assure zero ramp-up time.
  • The nailer can drive 1650 per charge which means lofty efficiency.
  • A contractor bag and a pair of safety glasses have been included to ensure your and kit`s safety.
  • The tool`s less depth driving adjustment confirms nailing at any materials. So you can use the tool not only for fencing but also in another deed.
  • The battery is .6lbs less weight and 2/3 inches shorter than other 3.0Ah batteries. Hence you are able to get the same result with less labor and fatigue.


  • It takes a bit of time in loading.

In conclusion, it must be said that METABO HPT is an all-in-one cordless nail gun. You will get all the desired features like easy maintenance, massive firing speed, efficiency, 18 gauge nail, accessibility, pneumatic feeling, and so on. So it will be your perfect decision to choose a METABO HPT cordless nail gun for fencing.

06. Paslode – Cordless XP Framing Nailer, 906300, Battery and Fuel Cell Powered

Brand: Paslode Model: 906300
Nail Per Charge: 9,000 nails per charge Job Type: Fencing & Wood Furniture
Gauge Type: Power Source: Battery
Product Weight:Dimension:
Product Details

This is our last presentation from PASLODE named cordless XP framing nailer. The renounced brand has come again with some unique features in the cordless nail kits. We are certain that the extreme productivity, efficiency, all-season formula, time releasing, durability, all-purpose nailing features will fascinate you. This framing nailer is lightweight (7.21lbs) which assures you frazzle-free and control while nailing in tight spaces or overhead. The ergonomic design with grip will assert easeful fencing. The compact design fits between 16“ OC studs, joists, and roof trusses. In dimension, it is 14.5“×12“×4“.

It is a cordless and battery and gas cartridge power-based nail gun. The 7V Li-ion battery and fuel cell will provide constant firing and keep aside from the hose and compressor. The battery confines 50% longer run time and driving up to 9000 nails per charge. The battery standby position conveys battery power. In the package, the battery is included but you have to purchase the fuel cell separately.

The cordless XP framing nailer can drive 2-3 nails per second; immense speed, within 2 to 3-1/4 inches nail ranges with 300 nailing angels. It fires as potential as the pneumatic framing nailer. It is capable of holding one stick of nails. The depth adjustment driving tool is common here. The nail lockout feature prevents black driving. Besides, the stainless steel magazine raceway guarantees durability and prevents warping and jam. You can take one year of full service from Paslode.

The manufacturer company has come up with some extra features from its previous tools. They have added the all-season formula which refers to working ability down to 140 F. The compact design and fuel cell system have increased 15% extra working capability. The unique three features; all-season formula, compact design, and 15% extra working ability have figured out the nail gun identical to its competitors.


  • Nailing ability down to 14 0 F. So you can use it in all seasons. 
  • 15% working capability is added to serve you gradually.
  • It can fire 2-3 nails per second and drives up to 9000 nails. Which will save your time and increase productivity.
  • You will get a belt hook belt to make it portable.
  • The compact design will lessen your fencing fatigue.


  • It is slightly costly like the pneumatic tools.

Eventually, Paslode cordless XP is a multitask nailer. You can do not only fencing but also woodworks, home DIY projects, roof task, and so on. It represents all features within one box like all-season formula, 15% extra working ability, extreme speed, immense productivity, efficiency. So why will you restrain yourself from buying it?

Cordless Nail Gun for Fencing Buyers’ Guide

If you are e new enthusiast, it will be a little bit ticklish to find the best cordless nail gun for fencing. At the time of pursuing a nailer, some prescriptive should be kept in mind. Our next section will surely help you to extract the best nail gun for fencing.

Power Source & Type:

Based on power sources the nail guns are classified into three categories.

  • Pneumatic: The nailers which are powered by air are known as a pneumatic nail gun. They are highly regarded for incredible power sources. They conduct with an air compressor and hose. You can easily maintain the pressure (within 70-120 PSI) according to the nails and materials. These nailers are not easy to move but are best recommended for the hard stuff.
  • Electric: These types of nails are driven by electric forces; batteries. Most of the time they rely on Li-ion batteries. They are easy to move and not costly like the pneumatic. You can use these tools for subtle and far materials.
  • Gas Powered: There is also another nail gun based on gas power. It is effective like the pneumatic. Being cordless like the electric you can take it anywhere but costly.

Depth Adjustment:

It is a major factor at the time of pursuing nailer. You may want to drive the nail above the surface, into the surface, or equal to the stuff surface. Having this quality you can control the nail depth.

Nail gun type:

Mainly two types of nail guns are considered.

  • Corded: The nail gun is attached with the main equipment through cable.
  • Cordless: It defines that the nail gun does not connect to the main equipment through cable.

The cordless nail gun gives you easy portability which a corded gun doesn`t. In this article, we have accumulated the six best cordless nail guns.

Firing Mode:

It is also a salient factor for the nailer. Two firing modes are measured.

  • A single-shot mode.
  • A bump-fire mode.

The first one can deliver a nail at a time. The bump fire mode assures delivery of nails in a super-fast style.

Magazine Capacity:

Another chief feature that should be kept in mind; the magazine holding capability. The magazine chamber is that holds several fasteners. The ability is proportionate to the working time. Normally a magazine with 50 to 100 fasteners is admired.


The feature ‘Ergonomics’ design the gun more user amicable. Competent handle design, anti-dust channel, and no-mar nose tip quality make a nail compatible and worthy.


It is one of the salient features. You should be careful about the warranty and durability. Though it sometimes depends on the product along with your way of usage.   


What is a cordless nail gun?

A cordless nail gun is a nail driving tool that is not connected with the main equipment through a cable. So it is portable to anywhere. The nail gun is a backup of the hammer to lessen manual force.

What kind of a nail gun do I use for fencing?

Basically, it depends on your fencing materials. If the stuff is delicate and far away from your workplace then you should use an electric or gas-powered nail gun as they are cordless. But if the materials id hardy then you should rely on a pneumatic nail gun for fencing.

Final Verdict

The article is a little attempt to drive you the right way of pursuing the most excellent nail gun for fencing. Here we have accumulated the 6 best cordless nail gun for fencing. The nail guns are not only suitable for fencing but also farming, woodworks, and other nailing function.

We are aimed to provide you the worthy within a considerable budget. If you get any benefits then share your opinion and adore it in the comment section below.

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