Best Corded Electric Nail Gun – Top Picks & Reviews

Are you looking for the best corded electric nail gun for your project? When deciding which nailer may be best for your construction and home wood furniture work, electronic nail guns are a great alternative to pneumatic or fuel-powered choices. In this era of science, brad nailers are the substitutes for the hammer. Electric nail guns are capable of delivering great stapling force into complex objects. The creation of electric nail guns has helped in driving nails efficiently and quickly.

These nail guns can drive thousands of nails every day and relieve a lot of physical work for the person nailing. The best electric nail gun is that it provides the energy for your intended job and a fantastic tool for comfortable use. Using the electric nail gun, you can drive staples/nails for DIY projects, construction wood doors, windows, furniture, fencing, and other similar applications with excellent results.

Corded Electric Nail Gun Comparison Table

Product ImageName & FeatureDetails

4 Best Corded Electric Nail Gun for Home, Diy & Professional Reviews

There are various nailers available in the market, which you should know to buy the best corded electric nail gun. However, you do not have to worry because after taking care of all the factors, here is a list of the best ones for you. Regarding performance, durability, ease of usage, and purposes, you will find the right one from the following products.

01. Arrow Professional Electric Nailer

Arrow ET 200 BN professional Brad nailer used to staple into thicker materials. Plastic and steel material gives a fantastic look. This 5.7 pounds electric nailer is not for professional uses but also for amateur uses. One of the plus sides is that an easy trigger system is available in it.

These feature a 6-foot power cord that easily spans most workpieces. Power adjustable spin is easy, while hardened steel working parts offer longer tool life. 110 voltage is needed in this electric nailer. Tools adjustable depth control knob controls drive force. It allows the operator to set the correct amount of power for your project. The product dimension is 13.25 x 12.66 x 3.25 inches.

The nailer can use 1 to 1 and ¼ inch brads.

You can use the following Arrow-brand Brad nails: BN1810CS, BN1812BCS, BN1816WCS, BN1820CS. You should Match the size of the brad nail. The most important thing is that there is no battery required.

The ET 200 BN features a Hex key, carrying case and contact safety, and a convenient quick-release magazine. You can use Arrow professional Brad nailer for general home repairs, trim work. If anyone wants to select the proper brad nails for every job, they can use the easy color-coded system. One plus point is that a limited lifetime warranty facility is available also.

What We Liked
  • It features a full-sized trigger, a soft comfort grip.
  • Very usable for latticework and DIY craft projects.
  • It contains a quick-release magazine.
  • Have the jam removing mechanism.
  • Portable and easy to use.
What We Did’t Like
  • Few customers may find it to be heavy and bulky for some jobs.

Final Tips

If you want perfect nail work with a lifetime warranty facility, you should choose Arrow ET 200 BN professional Brad nailer. Because this product works perfectly with No misfires, a lifetime warranty is available on it. The nailer drives quickly and accurately into the wood and is used in several other applications, including repairs, hanging wall coverings, insulation, securing speaker, and computer wire.

02. NEU MASTER NTC0060 corded Electric Nail Gun

The NEU MASTER NTC0060 is a corded staple gun for convenience use. A 6.6 feet cord is available in it. The ergonomic plastic material provides maximum comfort and control while using. In use, nailers do not require a Compressor which is very convenient for you to anywhere you want. Compact lightweight design and 3.89 pounds weight wonders for everyone. For this reason, this nailer is also called 2 in 1 upgraded electric stapler/nailer.

You’ll find a perfect nail viewing window containing a Brad Nailer Stapler, 200pcs 5/8″ brad nails and 336pcs 3/8″ staples. That means it can work with the staple size of 5 to 8 inches and 18 gauge brad nails from 1/2″ to 5/8″. The two-handed operation allows you to countersink nails consistently with a better penetration strength.

NEU Master NTC0060 nailer works above 110 volts. So, make sure your voltage is no less than 110 voltage when you are working. The NEU master NTC0060 uses the AC power Source and Contact safety that protect from unintentional firing. It contains a power-adjustable knob that improves work efficiency by adjusting the nailing strength according to the needs. Besides, its package dimension is 10.94×7.8×2.83 inches.

The vital thing that NEU Master NTC0060 electric nailer offers is a safety pull setting, a lightweight and soft grip. On the other hand, a 2-year warranty is available on this electric nailer. You will even be able to drive 30 shots per minute. The stapler has safety features and won’t work if you aren’t using it correctly.

What We Liked
  • This stapler is easy to load and use.
  • The weight and firing kick does not feel tiring in hand for long jobs.
  • Ensures the staples or nails are flushed.
  • Contains quick-release mechanism and oversize trigger.
  • Used for the exterior, interior decorating, craftwork, and upholstery.
What We Did’t Like
  • The nails are short, that’s why you can’t use them for longer ones. But easy to use.

Final Tips

This stapler makes less noise than the other. If you don’t like the noise, you should decide to get the Neu Master electric stapler. You must pick this tool that will operate in your environment. It will help create any large project that they want to complete reasonably and with safe stability.

03. Stanley TRE550Z Electric Staple & Nail Gun

The eight-foot heavy-duty power cord powers the Stanley Brad Nail Gun. Eight feet is long enough for most in-house applications. If you are a contractor/ a craft person, you use this thing every single day. These are excellent tools that will help you save your wrist from those big Clumpy ones. It weighs just 2.5 pounds. You will find a flush nose design that assists with stapling in tight spots.

Stanley TRE550Z electric staple & nail gun can deliver outstanding driving power. It also has this power-adjustable adapter, rheostat on the back, more or less power depending on how far you want to drive your Brad and which are these little nails. You will get a package dimension of 14 x 11 x 10.5 inches.

Your staple into the wood has some of the design features on it. The nailer uses ½ inch-12 millimeter, ⅝ inch-15 millimeter, 9/16 inch brad. You can use quarter(¼) inch 5/16, 3/8, ½, and 9/16 inches for the staples. This slash nail gun shoots little Brad’s out; it’s pretty cheap and affordable. It does come equipped with a nod-off Switch on the bottom. It is also known as 18 Gauge Corded Nail Gun.

Little things on the tip there, then you push that down. That’s safe when pressed. You can even see when to reload using a low-band indicator window. Limited lifetime warranty is available in these Stanley Hand tools.

What We Liked
  • Contain a unique dual power lever that is usable for hard and soft materials.
  • Features a comfortable anti-jam mechanism that saves time in the work.
  • Provide a Low-brad indicator window.
  • It is easier, faster, and quieter than the alternative.
  • The staple gun doesn’t jam at all.
What We Did’t Like
  • Stadler has some problems if you are mainly trying to get through thick pieces of hardwood (e.g.,> .5 inches)

Final Tips

The Stanley TRE550Z electric nail gun works great for what it is – a low cost. It is heavy-duty, and the handle is more demanding to depress than a standard. The most important thing is that it doesn’t jam at all. If you need a good, heavy-duty staple gun at a low price, this is a great buy.

04. NEU MASTER NTC0040 Electric Nail Gun

NEU MASTER NTC0040 Electric Nail Gun is best for convenience use. Because you don’t need compressors, hoses for convenient use. For additional use, the gun includes 400pcs 5/8” brad nails, 400pcs 3/4” brad nails and 200pcs 3/4” staples. Body material is plastic with a green color. This Brad nail gun weighs 5.6 pounds.

NEU Master NTC0040 Electric Brad Nailer designed with regular power function for hard or soft material. Everyone will be glad to know that this heavy-duty electric nail gun provides a good amount of power for both hard and soft materials. You can use one hand to grip and fire the brads into the wood. You will like that it’s a 120 volt, Ac-powered electric nailer.

A 6.6-foot electric cord powers the Brad Nail Gun. You can work with this electric staple gun with 1/4” crown staples up to 1 inch. This brad nailer uses 18-gauge nails ranging from ⅝ to 1 inch in length and has a 100-nail working capacity. The gun is lightweight and would be suitable for cardboard or faux wood products. No battery is required to use it.

On the other hand, Neu master NTC0040 electric brad nailer provides contact safety settings for protection, such as product activates when the trigger is fully pressed. Moreover, it has an impact force adjustment knob which is helpful for the different woods. Neu master brand provides a new replacement instead of repairing in this model.

What We Liked
  • Ensure flawless finish because of non-Marring rubber nose
  • It contains a power adjustment dial and oversize trigger
  • Able to drive nails and staples.
  • Provides good power and comfort to the user
  • Provide a comfortable grip when using it.
What We Did’t Like
  • The price is relatively high.

Final Tips

The generic 18 gauge nails without a jam are available on the market. NEU MASTER NTC0040 electric brad nailer is a suitable tool with several valuable features even at a low cost. You can use it in softwood DIY projects such as picture framing, construction doors or windows, drywall installation, roofing, flooring, pet house DIY while not recommended for quarter round, furniture, and baseboard.

What Is the Best Electric Nail Gun for Home Use?

We have plenty of options for choosing an electric Brad nail gun when finishing nails and Brad nails. As a beginner, you may find it a little bit overwhelming to decide what nail gun you should buy first. So, we are going to go through a few electric nailers. And in the end, we are going to discuss what we should buy.

Types of Electric Nailers

There are two types of electric nailers: corded electric nail guns and cordless electric nail guns.

Corded nailers plugin 110/120-volt outlets and are powered by appropriately rated extension cords. Cordless nailers, on the other hand, are run by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Which one’s right for you and why? Let’s find out.

Corded electric nail gun

Corded electric nail guns can still pack quite an intense punch overall but are limited by the cord’s length. On the other hand, cordless electric nail guns are not limited in their use. These are made for small nails like staples, brads, and vital for small size work. As this is an electric nail gun, it depends on the electric current supplied from the mains.

Despite being a household name for corded power tools for many years, corded electric nail guns are less popular, and battery-powered devices are prevalent because of technological change. Cord nailers are hard to find and are limited to staple / Brad nailer choices. There is no need to recharge the batteries. The most reviewed electronic nail guns revolve around cordless models for reliable, powerful choices.

Cordless electric nail gun

As mentioned before, the cordless electric nailer runs off a lithium-ion battery. Despite the limited working time of such equipment, most carry a long enough charge to deliver the things you need. Some users buy extra batteries separately. Although cordless electronics are not always considered vital as pneumatic, many are highly reliable for heavy work and great value.

This type of electric nail gun produces less power than the pneumatic model but is easier to start up. Cordless electric nailers are not always the strongest and not often seen for heavy framing jobs and such, but they are reliable and convenient.

So, if you want to know about corded electric nail guns, Let’s know about the best.

How to Choose the Best Corded Electric Nail Gun?

For major exterior DIY jobs, construction wood doors, windows, furniture, fencing, the best corded electric nail guns are essential. There are various features that you should know before buying an electric nail gun.

Design & Material:

The tools that bring light and comfortable grips will make the work more enjoyable. On the other hand, heavy tools will make it very difficult for you to work in rugged places or reach out for the work you need constantly. So, consider lightweight tools to buy. Popular materials for electronic nail guns are aluminum and galvanized steel. Aluminum is light and very durable. It can be a perfect element wherever you can take it.

Go for what comes in ergonomic design so you can use it conveniently. It will not cause any muscle weakness or cramps in your hands. Make sure it allows you to hold on comfortably for extended periods. The 15 gauge is typically used in the exterior trim work, and the 16 gauge is used in the interior trim work. Not to say that these gauges can’t be used interchangeably. 23 gauge nails are used for very fine nailing and fixing work.

Brad’s have a pretty decent holding power; they are not made for heavy fastening. Mind you or anything structural, but from any trim applications, 18 gauge brad nails are perfect. Because the head is tiny, it leaves a tiny hole easily covered with caulk or wood filler.

Power Source & Type:

The most important decision is whether you need an electronic cord nail or a battery-powered one. Electricals powered by an AC power source are known for their performance. Professionals rely on these models for heavy-duty work. However, for projects where you need to switch between different workpieces, remember, these come with a maximum of 8 feet of a power cord.

Electric guns are powered by mains electricity, so you will need a power supply where you want to work. As maximum corded electric nailers work at 110/120 volt, you have to check the voltage before buy. The mobility of the tool and the type of work depends on the power source of any nailer. If you want to operate air tools other than a nail, make sure the compressor can handle the combined load. Corded nail guns offer less mobility but have excellent driving power.

Depth Adjustment:

If you are looking for the best corded electric nail gun, this is a feature that you must look for in a unit. You may need to nail different materials. Adjusting the nail depth depending on the material’s thickness and firmness ensures that you have driven the nail as expected.

Some nail gun models allow setting the force at which the nail is fired, which effectively means greater depth. For certain nail guns, you will need a separate tool to manipulate the nail depth. Others offer you to change the depth, which makes for better flexibility.


You should use the nail gun carefully because it can fire projectiles from 100 to 150 meters/s and 500 meters. Each nail gun brand will have its cleaning recommendations, which will be included in the user manual.

Like other electrical tools, corded electric nail guns require regular maintenance on the day they purchased them. Few nail guns require more maintenance than others. So it is essential to check the user’s manual before using the gun. Most brands provide videos that show what a proper cleaning and care routine looks like.

Safety Features:

Corded electric nail guns required great attention to safety. Some safety information is there, but you have to follow the nailer manufacturer’s instructions before use for maintenance.

  1. First, check the nailer and repair damaged parts.
  2. Don’t try to alter a nailer.
  3. Follow the nailer manual, such as wearing safety glasses and other safety equipment.
  4. Make distance from the firing area and secure your hands, feet, and other body parts. Try to use clamps if you need them.
  5. Before performing maintenance, disconnect the tool from the air compressor or power supply. You have to disconnect before attempting to clear a jam.
  6. When operating a nailer, keep others away from it.
  7. Avoid using the nail near flammable gases or liquids.


A nail gun should be consistent when driving with nails. That means if you have dozens of nails, you don’t have to go back and adjust each one manually. Finding a nail gun with an overall rating for consistency gives you a considerable advantage against regular troublemakers in determining your depth’s location.


Different brands give different warranty times as their need. But you have to buy the product after thinking about all the circumstances. However, many good products give no warranty. Buy those products which have at least a 2-year warranty facility.


If a tool can achieve 70% of the same tasks as another one, but the second tool is 90% more expensive than the first, it may be advisable that the first tool has a higher overall value, or the second tool will be great. Some people thought that the higher the price is proportional to the more extraordinary the facility. However, an affordable tool done most of your requirements will be of value to you.

How to Use the corded electric Nail gun – step by step

Nail guns are an easy solution where you use hammers and nails. Almost any large project, such as an addition or installation of fencing or framing a house, an electric corded nail gun saves your time and increases stability and consistency. As we know before, electric nail guns are powered by electricity.

Step-1: At first, load the nail gun strip into the gun’s magazine

Though different manufacturers design their tools differently, access to the magazine is usually toward the back or bottom side of the electric nail gun. Then you have to slide the nail strip into the magazine and close the magazine securely.

Step-2: Wear safety goggles before you turn on the power of the gun

A contact trip trigger equips the nail gun. You have to compress this trigger if you want to nail it to a surface. If you turn on the power of the nail gun, this will not cause the gun to “shoot” nails.

Step-3: Before starting your project, practice shooting guns on wood scraps

As electric guns work with electricity, and the amount of pressure applied in an amount of time creates the force to drive the nail smooth and evenly on the surface. A few practice shots let you get a feel for the nail gun.

Step-4: Place the tip of the gun against the surface you want to nail

If you hold the gun’s handle, it will help the finger of one hand easily access the trigger. So, your writing needs to support the gun and keep it in the right place. Keep your body away from the gun, but get close enough to provide stability. When you fire the gun, there will be a kickback.

Step-5: Press the tip of the gun against the surface by pressing on the gun.

Do not use your chest or abdomen to apply pressure to the gun. This use can lead to severe injuries. Try to pull the trigger and release it immediately. Multiple nail shots and possibly jamming of the gun are because of holding down the trigger.

Step-6: Try to pull the gun away from the surface

The nailhead should flush towards the surface. You could not apply enough pressure while firing if the nail is crooked or only partially.

It can also be the result of pulling the gun too fast.

Step-7: Before reloading with a new strip of the nail, disconnect the gun from the power source.

Final Verdict

All of the above choices are comparable and can provide power both at home and in work needs. They are great, state-of-the-art, the equipment provides electrical power anywhere you can imagine. Corded electric choices still exist. Their popularity for making portable nailers is as strong due to advances in battery charge and power.

Brad Nailer can get through serious work if needed. So if you’re in the market for the best corded electric nail gun, select your most ideal model and enjoy the ultimate convenience. Once you’ve got the best corded electric nail gun, be sure to use the tools used for those applications only according to the manuals. It will ensure that you get the same performance year after year.

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